webpack v1 is deprecated. We encourage all developers to upgrade to webpack 2.
Follow our migration guide or refer to webpack 2 documentation for more info.

2.1.x beta

What’s new in webpack 2.0



  • ES6 parser support backported from webpack 2


  • CLI: config file can return a Promise
  • BUG: made path to module module context-independent
  • BUG: upgrade uglify-js version
  • BUG: fixes for the CommonsChunkPlugin with multiple commons chunks
  • API: added umdNamedDefine option for named AMD
  • CLI: added --watch-stdin to watch for stdin closing
  • API: emit empty argument list for AMD in UMD
  • updated to esprima 2
  • CI: Test on node.js and io.js, Test for beautify source code
  • BUG: many small fixes
  • CLI: webpack config can return a Promise
  • API: ContextReplacementPlugin with manual context map


  • BUG: fix for incorrect order with extract-text-webpack-plugin and in output files


  • API: added (experimental) NamedModulesPlugin
  • API: added stats presets
  • beautified source code and enforced beautified source code in CI


  • BUG: fixed hashing problems
  • CLI: allow webpack.config.babel.js
  • CLI: fixed passing entries over CLI
  • API: rename target atom to electron
  • API: include/exclude for BannerPlugin
  • API: added watchOptions (i. e. polling)
  • API: sort by global order by default
  • BUG: Support webpack bundles with externals in webpack bundles



  • API: added filtering option for SourceMapPlugin
  • COMMUNITY: changed rules regarding issues and chat room. Questions should move to stackoverflow
  • BUG: stores records relative to context
  • SUPPORT: support other compile-to-js langs for webpack config
  • API: added cheap SourceMaps with line to line mappings
  • API: more flexible SourceMap devtool configuration
  • API: added crossOrginLoading option
  • API: enable CSS SourceMaps by default
  • API: error when using CommonsChunkPlugin wrongly



  • SUPPORT: added semicolon to end of bundle
  • SUPPORT: added HMR management code for node.js (serverside)
  • API: Watching.close callback is optional
  • API: Added WatchIgnorePlugin
  • API: added experimental cheap source-map mode, which will be faster in the future
  • BUG: fixed nested objects in DefinePlugin
  • BUG: fixed HMR bug which caused unaffected modules to reload
  • API: allow functions as test in loaders list
  • API: allow arrays in loaders list, in which only one matches
  • API: allow “and” expressions in loaders list



  • API: allow more types in DefinePlugin
  • API: console colors are automatically
  • BUG: DedupePlugin is more reliable
  • SUPPORT: added support for relative inlinded AMD modules
  • TEST: more test cases



  • API: added async parameter to CommonsChunksPlugin to create a async loaded commons chunks
  • SUPPORT: Symlinks while resolving
  • API: added EnvironmentPlugin

  • API: support loading of multiple chunks in a dependency block

  • API: added node.Buffer option
  • API: added node.setImmediate



  • API: added ‘hidden-sourcemap’ devtool
  • API: added NoErrorsPlugin, which doesn’t emit a bundle on errors
  • API: added hot-only dev-server, which doesn’t reload the page on unaccepted update
  • API: more features for the CommonsChunkPlugin to process non-entry chunks
  • API: support library with commons chunks
  • API: added options parameter to module.hot.accept/check
  • BUG: rewrite module reasons on module moving
  • BUG: fixed bug, when extending Object.prototype
  • API: expose sourceMap flag to loaders
  • BUG: allow array in module.hot.accept
  • API: expose id in context
  • INTERNAL: moved placeholder replacing into plugin



  • API: plugin interface for all templates
  • API: resolve path in NormalModuleReplacementPlugin
  • API: added MultiCompiler (experimental)
  • API: more params for the ContextReplacementPlugin
  • API: added support for optional externals
  • API: support multiple assets in assetsByChunkName
  • API: better support for [name]
  • API: better filenames in SourceMaps + options
  • API: added API for error handing in self accepted modules
  • API: added __webpack_hash__
  • SUPPORT: Support browserify pre-built bundles with a warning
  • SUPPORT: better AMD support
  • BUG: fixed sourceMappingURL path
  • TEST: tests run on linux and windows
  • PERFORMANCE: more caching for main chunk



  • BUG: fixed some SourceMap issues
  • API: added typeof support to the DefinePlugin
  • BUG: fixed parser crash



  • API: added externals option
  • API: cache is enabled by default
  • SUPPORT: Generated require is now __webpack_require__
  • SUPPORT: updates to node.js buildin replacements
  • PERFORMANCE: more and more reliable caching
  • API: support [hash] in output.path
  • API: allow to overwrite default RegExp and warnings for contexts
  • API: allow querystring on output files
  • API: Warning about case-sensitive modules
  • API: added access to outside require with __non_webpack_require__
  • API: added node-webkit target
  • SUPPORT: allow multiple webpack entry chunks on a page
  • SUPPORT: .json is a default extension (similar to node.js)
  • SUPPORT: ignore modules by browser field
  • bug fixes


  • API: The following options are now DEPRECATED and superseded by plugins:
    • define -> DefinePlugin
    • prefetch -> PrefetchPlugin
    • provide -> ProvidePlugin
    • hot -> HotModuleReplacementPlugin
    • optimize.dedupe -> optimize.DedupePlugin
    • optimize.minimize -> optimize.UglifyJsPlugin
    • optimize.maxChunks -> optimize.LimitChunkCountPlugin
    • optimize.minChunkSize -> optimize.MinChunkSizePlugin
    • optimize.occurenceOrder -> optimize.OccurenceOrderPlugin
  • Warnings are emitted when using deprecated options
  • API: plugins are now exported by webpack: require("webpack").DefinePlugin
  • API: Labeled Modules are now disabled by default, use the dependencies.LabeledModulesPlugin
  • API: Internal plugin arguments simplified
  • API: added ResolverPlugin
  • API: added chunk origin tracking and resolve logging (for finding compile bugs)
  • API: added eval-source-map devtool
  • API: default configuration depends on target option
  • API: changed filenames in SourceMaps
  • API: ids for entry chunks need to longer have the id 0
  • API: output as amd module
  • API: allow to configure the indent of the source
  • API: added AggressiveMergingPlugin and ResolverPlugin
  • API: added --display-origins to show chunk origins
  • API: added --display-error-details to show resolving log
  • SUPPORT: Support for the browser-field
  • SUPPORT: free vars are tracked over IIFEs
  • SUPPORT: allow to rename free vars
  • SUPPORT: allow local named amd modules
  • PERFORMANCE: Cache final module sources
  • SIZE: no require.e if not needed
  • bug fixes


  • API: this in modules is now exports (if this breaks a library, try prefixing imports?this=>window!)
  • API: added Hot Code Replacement --hot (web and node target) [experimental]
  • API: added define option
  • API: support new sourceMappingURL and sourceURL syntax
  • API: added CommonsChunkPlugin
  • API: --profile --progress now display process timings
  • API: added loaderContext.loadModule
  • PERFORMANCE: added unsafeCache and noParse option for performance
  • SIZE: automatically remove require.ensure when no chunk was generated.
  • SIZE: generate (sparse) array instead of object as module container when appropriate
  • SUPPORT: extract dependencies from a bound callback
  • SUPPORT: support evaluating of .replace and .split
  • TEST: added many of the browsertest to the node.js tests


  • SUPPORT: node 0.10 support
  • PERFORMANCE: whole chunks can now be cached
  • API: store state in json file (records) --records-path
  • API: added --devtool source-map and --devtool inline-source-map
  • SIZE: added option --optimize-occurence-order
  • SIZE: added --optimize-dedupe

Small changes:

  • PERFORMANCE: assets are only emitted if they changed
  • API: added --profile
  • PERFORMANCE: added --prefetch [experimental]
  • API: added BannerPlugin
  • API: added [chunkhash] [experimental]
  • API: added hashDigestLength
  • PERFORMANCE: increased filesystem caching to 60s
  • PERFORMANCE: purge only changed files in watch mode
  • PERFORMANCE: purge all files on compiling in not-watch mode
  • SUPPORT: in-memory filesystem now supports windows-like paths too
  • SIZE: merging chunk is more clever



  • Updated to UglifyJs 2
  • Query String are allowed for loaders and resources
  • Updated many loaders to use query strings as parameters
  • “jam” is no longer a default modules folder (still possible to add it per config)
  • API: fixed typos: modulesDirectories, separable, library
  • API: api of enhanced-resolve and enhanced-require changed.
  • API: options.minimize and now be also a object, which is passed to UglifyJs2.Compressor
  • API: added "web" to default package mains, added "webLoader" to default loader package mains
  • API: removed "webpack" from default loader package mains
  • added “node” template: bundle can run on node.js host (experimental)


  • API: added experimental chunk merging via options.maxChunks


  • API: loaderContext.depencency is more relaxed and don’t need to be called before reading
  • API: loader.seperable cannot combined with
    • loaderContext.emitFile and loaderContext.emitSubStats
    • loaderContext.options.events
    • loaderContext.options.resolve
    • loaderContext.resolve and loaderContext.resolve.sync
  • API: added loader.seperableIfResolve
  • API: loader.seperableIfResolve cannot combined with
    • loaderContext.emitFile and loaderContext.emitSubStats
    • loaderContext.options.events
  • API: added profile option (and --profile)
  • API: added workers option (and --workers)
  • API: added closeWorkers option
  • API: if option workers is used:
    • options must be JSON.stringify-able. Except options.events.
    • Any error thrown in loader must be an object (i. e. an Error object). Only message, stack and value of toString is passed to main process.
  • API: added workersNoResolve option. Workers should not used while resolving.
  • API: The expected Cache object for options.cache has changed.
  • API: event module is emited after the module is finished.
  • API: event context is now named context-enum
  • API: added event context which is emited after the context is finished.
  • API: event dependency is removed. Use stats.dependencies for this.
  • API: event loader is removed. Use stats.loaders for this.
  • API: added stats.contexts as a list of contexts.
  • API: added stats...modules[..].dependencies for as list of files which affect the module’s content.
  • API: added stats...modules[..].loaders for as list of loaders which affect the module’s content.
  • API: removed stats.modulesPerChunk, it is useless and was deprecated.
  • API: added stats.chunkNameFiles which export the files for named chunks
  • API: added stats.startTime, timestamp as number
  • cmd: more colorful output to indicate caching and timing
  • API: webpack in watch mode emits the event watch-end if watch mode have to end (i. e. loader changed). You may restart it after clearing require.cache.
  • API: added loaderContext.loaderType as one of loader, preLoader or postLoader.
  • API: added loaderContext.currentLoaders as list of all loader of the current type.
  • API: added loaderContext.loaderIndex as index of current loader in loaderContext.currentLoaders.
  • API: added loaderContext.loaders, loaderContext.preLoaders and loaderContext.postLoaders.
  • API: added stats.fileModules…reasons[].async = true instead of “async xxx”
  • API: added loaderContext.emitError and loaderContext.emitWarning


  • internal: resolving logic moved into enhanced-resolve.
  • internal: moved loaders logic into enhanced-require.
  • API: removed require-polyfill, use enhanced-require.
  • API: removed deprecated script-src-prefix.
  • API: removed deprecated direct compile into output, overwrite emitFile.
  • API: parameter options is not longer optional.
  • API: added loader.seperable (see spec).
  • API: loaderContext.resolve is now async, even in sync mode.
  • API: added loaderContext.resolve.sync as sync version.
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