webpack v1 is deprecated. We encourage all developers to upgrade to webpack 2.
Follow our migration guide or refer to webpack 2 documentation for more info.

A list of open ideas.

  • Support globs in require statements so you can easily bundle static assets etc. Webpack-dev-server should monitor the glob for new files.
  • Allow defining plugins in the webpack configuration file so you don’t need an extra file for trivial custom loaders
  • Allow adding command line parameters to the webpack CLI from the configuration file so it’s easier to change the webpack configuration inside the configuration file.
  • Allow the option of excluding of some paths (eg ‘node_modules’) from triggering warnings / errors. Example use case: ProtobufJS triggers a bunch of warnings - it’s not relevant to me.
  • Allow watching of files in webpack-dev-server specifically (using glob). If using something like PostCSS or Sass, changes in @import-ed CSS files aren’t watched.
  • Allow test on loaders to be a function for dynamic inclusion of assets.
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