webpack v1 is deprecated. We encourage all developers to upgrade to webpack 2.
Follow our migration guide or refer to webpack 2 documentation for more info.


see https://webpack.js.org for the new documentation (currently work in progress)

  • native ES6 import, export and System.import
  • Tree Shaking for ES6
  • Needs Promise polyfill in old browsers (only if you’re using code splitting)
  • chunk error handling
  • Many plugins now take options objects instead of multiple parameters
  • config can be a function and –env
  • Removed deprecated argument configs (except with one argument shortcut if possible)
  • loaders now match resourcePath instead of resource with query
  • webpack config can return a Promise
  • -p sets NODE_ENV = “production”
  • the uglifyjs plugin no longer minimize other assets
  • there is the LoaderOptionsPlugin now
  • webpackfile.js is now also supported
  • added HashedModuleIdsPlugin


  • documentation


beta: end 2013, stable: early 2014

  • Bugfixes
  • updates to loaders

0.11 - 0.12

  • Hot Code Replacement
  • Some more cool features
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